Agent : Kowin Innovation Ltd.
Product No : SUMITUBE F3(Z)

After passed through above "the bridging" the response, thus improved the plastic shape maintenance, "the Sumitomo hot shrinkage pipe" was precisely utilizes one kind of hot shrinkage pipe which this technique stated (through to heat up, causes drive pipe to face diameter direction contraction), the main raw material hands over the association polyethylene, the fluorine class polymer, hot plastic ball rubber and so on. The Sumitomo hot pipe in domain and so on electrical appliances, electronic instrumentation, automobile, airplane, plays the connection as well as the heat-resisting protection which the electricity, ties, role and so on reason protection.

About UL, the CSA specification recognizes the indication

Regarding UL, CSA specification, when UL as well as the CSA inspection personnel request provides its authentication proof, please provide the pyrocondensation trademark or pastes on the packing paper the product label. Because uses UL as well as CSA "examines the service again" with the type. Therefore cannot request to raise the power supply and so on the special-purpose label. Before, like UL, the CSA specification, stipulated must in the hot pipe superscript bright company as well as the fixed temperature and so on, now already not this request, but the our company was still same with the past, has marked these situations on the hot pipe.

Moreover, took the authentication proof, the UL specification is also approved in a UL main page authentication product copy, this company also has this kind of copy and the CSA specification (CERTIFICATION RECORD (duplicate)), please perform to use.

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